Set static IP for CentOS 8 under Hyper-V

The static IP setup under CentOS 8 and Hyper-V is very simple. There are only a few steps before we are up and running.

First we will need to find the IP address of the default Gateway(the host machine) and see which IP addresses will be assigned.

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CyberPanel – SSL – Could not connect to server. Please refresh this page.

Do you regularly ask yourself – ‘What could possibly go wrong?‘ and “Should I share this Baby Yoda meme on my Facebook timeline?” then you are at the right place at the right time, brother!

If you get one of the errors: “Could not connect to server. Please refresh this page.” via the CyberPanel dashboard while generating or renewing an Let’s Encrypt certificate or the “It seems the CA server is busy now, let’s wait and retry. Sleeping 1 seconds.” then you must upgrade your to the latest version. --upgrade

Tha’ts it folks, if you want to read some more about this then you are free to go below.

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Adding Malware Expert Signatures on CentOS 7

There are around 1545 PHP signatures from Malware Expert that are quite helpful for new infections and ones that we might miss when cleaning up infected sites.

The setup is simple and the rules/signatures are updated regularly, they stack with the default ClamAV signatures so they are good to have. This article will explain the setup of the rules for users that are confused with the setup.

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EasyEngine v4 and WordPress on Vultr

EasyEngine is a great solution in case you want to set up sites under a cheap VPS or a highly expensive one. Overall you will be able to scale pretty easily if you have the resources, time and effort to set up everything that you need for your project.

For starters, the EasyEngine installation is pretty simple and can be set up on almost any kind of VPS servers out there. In the current test. I will be using Vultr and make some tests and compare the performance with and without disk cache, Memcached and no-cache.

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